We have always loved fashion and working on it. At some point around 2015 we felt the need to become part of fashion and not stand back and be simple observers. Of course that didn’t mean we wanted to create something commercial, but rather focus on the creative side of it. The feeling of creating something of our own; investing a part of our soul which would be combined with all of our inspiration. We experimented on creating our own sandals by giving a breath of fresh air to what we already had and never believed it could turn out to be so creative. We did design these sandals just the way we liked them to be. More or less, this is how Sandalaki came to life.

                                                                    What is Sandalaki?

Sandalaki is an attempt to redefine and promote the original, leather, greek sandal from a more creative perspective. A perspective that fits all types of women; modern or traditional, conservative or alternative. Our philosophy is to combine the casual feel of everyday life with style and fashion. What we actually tried out initially for us and developed to become Sandalaki.

By using traditional techniques, the origins of which are dated back in centuries, we design sandals that combine the ancient, greek tradition with a modern touch. Each pair is exclusively handmade, with our ultimate goal to secure and create a unique product of high quality. For your downtown strolls, your walks on the beach and islands, even for your work at the office; our suggestions are adapted to the taste and desires of each and every one of you, giving a personal touch on every creation of ours. Both comfortable and elegant, they can be matched with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts or kimonos, without binding style or elegance, since the latter are mainly featured in our sandals. Snake skin, animal prints, pony skin, studs and other innovative materials give a glam touch to the plain, yet comfortable, traditional, greek sandal, turning it into your next must have summer desire.